If you’re a new runner or returning to the sport after a break you might be wondering if it’s worth working with an online running coach?

There are many benefits of a new runner having a coach, but there’s also plenty of other extremely beneficial tools new runners have at their disposal when just starting out. For example, C25K (Couch to 5k) programmes are proven to help new runners take their first steps and safely increase their training loads to complete 5k. We have our own Zero to Hero* (FREE) training plan also, designed to take new runners from no running at all to a 5k over the course of the schedule. 

However, if you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation as a new runner and personalised support in your corner then working with an online running coach might be the perfect way to kick start your running journey. 

New Runner

Our primary job at JM Coaching is to create training plans. There are a range of generic plans in our TrainingPeaks store, but having a personal coach or training plan can tailor a plan directly to your needs and fit around your day to day lifestyle and commitments. This will ensure you’re more likely to be successful and stick to the plan longer term. Your plan will also target any weaknesses you may have and see mistakes before you make them! 

Injuries are part and parcel of sport especially for a new runner, however there are ways we can help reduce your injury risk by providing you with expert advice and guidance. We can help educate new runners on correct running form, importance of a proper warm up and making sure your training plan is progressive and keep you from doing too much too soon, further risking your injury risk. We’ll teach you the importance of training smart and teaching you when it’s important to adjust your training plan for a niggle or illness. We can also advise on the best places to get fitted for gait analysis and purchasing your first pair of running trainers. 

One of the most important factors of choosing to work with an online running coach when just starting out is having the additional accountability in your corner. There’s always times when you’re feeling tired or the weather isn’t looking ideal, but having a coach can hold you accountable in a similar way to a running buddy would. We try to make all of our plans ‘fun’ and enjoyable for the athlete and provide plenty of variety to keep things interesting and stop you from hitting a plateau. As well as benefiting the mind, spicing things up in training will also give you a different physical stimulus to help you become a stronger runner all-round. Chances are, working with a coach you’ll push yourself harder than if you run alone too. 

Having a coach is an investment in yourself. When you invest in working with a coach online you are also mitigated by the prospect of losing money! It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, and another thing to actually put your hard earned cash down to commit to it. 

If you’re a new runner or you’ve been running for years but just need some extra help and you’d like to chat more about working with an online running coach, get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to share some ideas with you to help you get the most out of this incredibly – amazingly, simple, life changing, frustratingly brilliant sport we all have the bug for! 

*Zero to Hero plan is found in JM Run Club under free training plans. You’ll need to sign up for free to download your plan.