Checkout our 10-top mistakes to avoid when running!

running mistakes


  1. Trying to progress too quickly is the most common mistake I see runners making. Instead focus on building gradually and progressively and aim for consistency. If you progress with your training volume or intensity too quickly, you risk injury, illness and over training.
  1. Neglecting rest days is also a common mistake I see being made on a regular basis. When we stress our bodies with hard training, we only improve and adapt with suitable recovery. Always follow up a hard training day with an easy day, either in the form of active recovery or a rest day and schedule periodic easier weeks to adapt to heavy training blocks.
  1. We’re all guilty of ignoring pain when running. However it’s important to learn the difference between a niggle you can run through and something more serious, which may require rest before it develops into something more serious. A big mistake is not listening to your body and resting when you feel sore.
  1. Likewise I often see runners skipping a warm up, which can put you at a greater risk of injury meaning more time spent on the sidelines. Take time to ease into runs and if you have time perform some basic dynamic stretching and mobility exercises prior to heading out of the door.
  1. Another common mistake runners make is not refuelling post run. It’s important to refuel within the 30-minute glycemic window to replenish glycogen stores and help kick start the recovery process. This can help you get back to training quicker after a hard run. Runners should aim to hydrate, consume carbohydrates and protein within the first 30-minutes of finishing a workout.
  1. Not getting enough sleep is another mistake. Sleeping is one of the most productive things we can do with our time, both physically and mentally. When we sleep we recover and grow. Going to bed just 15-minutes earlier each night soon adds up.
  1. It’s important to get properly measured and fitted for running trainers. Take the time to visit your local specialist running retailer, who will be able to offer guidance and advice. They can offer a gait analysis to establish the way in which your foot lands and from here fit you in a pair of running trainers suitable for your gait and help reduce the risk of injury.
  1. Not looking after your body is a mistake runners make frequently. It’s important to stretch, foam roll and perform strength exercises to help it keep up with the demands of running. If time and budget allows, it’s important to schedule regular sports massage appointments to help keep on top of any stiffness or tightness before it develops into something more serious, which may result in time off running.
  1. Running too fast on easy runs can result in over training if it compromises your recovery. If you’re not running fast enough for any physiological benefit, nor slow enough to recover from harder training sessions, then it can be considered a grey area run. Instead slow down on your easy days, to speed up on your fast days!
  1. Getting caught up in Strava and social media and worrying about other runners is the final mistake I see runners make. You don’t know what journey they’re on and it’s important to control what you can control and that’s yourself!


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