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I like to think of the One to One schedules as following the athlete, rather than following the plan. Coaching plans will be updated and posted weekly via TrainingPeaks, which allows me to monitor and analyse progress and provide feedback.


In order to customize your training plan on a daily and weekly basis, I will need as much feedback as possible and communication along the way is key. The bespoke plans are dynamic and can change on a weekly basis and fit in with the athlete’s lifestyle rather than the generic training programs on TrainingPeaks. So if you have a hectic week of meetings planned and need training to fit in around that, or your work schedule changes on a week to week basis then One to One coaching might be the best fit for you. I work with runners frequently who can’t commit to their weekly club training sessions due to work or family commitments, but still want to get their own training in. This is a great option for those who need or prefer to train alone. Plans adapt as you progress.

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Such is the nature of online coaching, programs are available worldwide!



Looking for motivation for yourself of staff members?


JM Coaching can provide motivational talks, running workshops, offer advice and deliver practical sessions to help inspire and motivate your workforce, which studies have shown to boost productivity and morale within the workplace. Group sessions can improve staff engagement and encourage employees to live a healthier active lifestyle. As well as group talks we can provide training plans offer nutrition advice and even sports massages to help relieve stress and tiredness. For more information and to book, please get in touch today!



Share your journey with a community of like-minded runners. From nutrition advice and meal recipes to running technique and drills, the members zone aims to be helpful, motivational and fun.


JM Run Club is the cost effective way to tap into the mind of an elite distance runner, helping to support his journey as a professional athlete funding training and living costs starting at just £2 per month.

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One-Year Membership – £24.00 



I have a range of generic coaching plans available on TrainingPeaks, with prices starting from as little as $5.99. To see the full range of plans check out my TrainingPeaks page. The generic plans aren’t personalised and as a result priced accordingly.

I can also make to order generic plans – please contact me for more details and for a price.



Whether you’re just thinking about joining the Army, have applied, or are waiting to join you can build your fitness and fly through your army training tests with JM Coaching. Follow a personalised or custom-built plan today and get ready to inspire and face the challenges of the future.


 Everyone joining the British Army will need to pass army training, which includes a 1.5-mile run. As well as the running element of the test you will be required to go though a range of strength and stamina tests. The weight, distance and speed you need to meet changes from role to role. For more information please visit The British Army. There are four specific tests you’ll need to take during officer selection and the pre-entry tests, which include a bleep test, press ups, sit ups and a 1.5-mile run. Plans adapt as you progress.

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Please message for prices



Sports massage is a special form of massage used before, during and after exercise.  The purpose of Sports Massage is to drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and to prevent injuries and is recognised both with professional athletes and amateurs.


Massages are especially beneficial to help break down and remove minor injuries due to overexertion and or over use.  This can then prepare you better for your next session so you are in peak condition to perform and work out at your very best this ensuring you get the best results possible and help you reach your goals and aims meaning anything is possible.

The main benefits of Sports Massage include: Reduces muscle soreness, reduces muscle fatigue, reduces muscle tension, reduces muscle inflammation, improves muscle flexibility, increased muscle recovery time and an increased feel good factor after a hard session. Sports Massage can also help with certain injuries and conditions such as arthritis, muscle tightness and returning from serious injuries. 

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£20.00 30-minutes
£30.00 60-minutes


Trusted Partners

I am proud to work with the following trusted partners, who’ve also helped me on my own athletic journey.

Jonny Mellor The Athlete

 JM Coaching was created as a way to financially support my own athletic career while giving something back to the sport I love, while helping others achieve their goals. If you’re interested in working with or supporting in another way other than coaching services offered please get in touch today.

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Courage to start, strength to endure, resolve to finish.

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