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The cost effective way to tap into the mind of an elite distance runner, helping to support his journey as a professional athlete funding training and living costs. Receive coaching advice and tips and learn from a 2:12 marathon runner along the way! Enjoy discounts including 30% off at OTE Sports.

Price info – From just £5.00 per month!

£5 monthly and £24 yearly subscriptions


What happens when I join?2017-06-23T07:35:48+00:00

Once you join you will recieve a recipet of purchase along with a welcome email from JM Run Club. From then on you will have access to the site and be free to get involved and join our community of runners and gain access to coaching, nutrition and injury advice and much more helping you achieve your potential as a runner.

How much does it cost?2017-06-29T20:09:32+00:00

One off payment of just £40, just £3.33 per month or a monthly subscription of 12x £5 per month.

Who is the run club for?2017-06-06T09:53:46+00:00

Everyone! Expert, beginners and coaches! We have plans and content for all abilities.

What if I’m already affiliated to a running club in the UK?2017-06-06T09:53:42+00:00

JM Run Club is not an England Athletics affiliated club so we have no conflict with existing clubs. The run club is to simply support your own running. If you are looking for a club to join then we recommend checking out England Athletics to join a club near you or of course check out UTS Run Club based in the Wirral.

Can I join if I live outside the UK?2017-06-06T09:53:39+00:00

Of course! We welcome runners from all corners of the globe, fast or slow, just starting out or with years of experience. It’s all part of the fun and makes the content interesting and informative!

Do I have to blog/contribute?2017-06-21T10:10:57+00:00

Not at all, we welcome blogs from all runners as well as product reviews and any other useful information that can help improve our users experience. The more stories, products, events and equipment tested, the better for everyone so that is why we encourage our members to contribute as much or as little as they can!

Do I have to pay extra for plans?2017-06-06T09:53:32+00:00

Unfortunately yes. We have a range of generic plans via TrainingPeaks and of course our ultimate one to one coaching packages starting at £32 per month. JM Run Club is designed to support your running whether you’re with JM Coaching or following your own plan, or even making it up as you go!!

What if I want to cancel?2017-06-21T10:10:37+00:00

The minimum term we ask members to subscribe to JM Run Club is 3-months. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to learn from the site and be part of the group. If you wish to cancel after 3-months you can do at any time, with no questions asked. Unfortunately one off payments of £36 aren’t refundable.

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They can, so can you!

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5k – 18:12 > 15:59
10k – 40:00 > 34:11
HM – 91:17 > 76:38

“I began being coached by Jonny in Spring 2014. After a shaky start; where I didn’t listen and Jonny very VERY patiently continued to set the sessions, I am well on my way to achieving the goals we set back then… read more

10k – 43:29 > 40:33
HM – 96:08 > 91:45
MARA – 3:27 > 3:12

Sallies Holt of Wallasey ACSALLIE HOLT

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10k – 42:49 > 42:02
HM – 99:35 > 91:48
MARA – 3:29 > 3:21

Camille Aryeetey long term fan of JM CoachingCAMILLE ARYEETEY

Trusted Partners

I am proud to work with the following trusted partners, who’ve also helped me along my own athletic journey.

Jonny Mellor The Athlete

Jonny created JM Coaching as a way to financially support his own athletic career while giving something back to the sport he loves, while helping others achieve their goals. As a result JM Coaching is designed around your goals and aims, therefore following you the runner rather than the other way round. As a consequence Jonny designs training plans around your lifestyle and fitness goals.  If you’re interested in working with or supporting Jonny in another way other than coaching services offered please get in touch today.

Courage to start, strength to endure, resolve to finish.

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