About Jonny Mellor

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About Jonny Mellor

Jonny Mellor is the founder of JM Coaching and an elite distance runner representing Team New Balance Manchester.

Having starting with a small group of athletes out of the Underground Training Station Gym in Hoylake in 2013. Jonny has since developed his coaching services to help support a number of athletes across the UK. Jonny is proud to offer online coaching that is based on communication, supported by science, forged in experience and tested and proven on the international stage working with you and not for you.

With over 10-years competing at the highest-level Jonny is strongly positioned to offer training tips and advice. Therefore helping you prepare both physically and mentally to reach your goals. As a result of running 2:12 at the Berlin Marathon in September 2017. Jonny has finally shown his potential as one of Europe’s leading marathon runners. Therefore showing his ability to win medals on the international stage.

As an athlete Jonny has been fortunate to train and race in some of the biggest settings in the world. Surrounding himself with top class athletes and coaches along the way. Learning from an elite runner can help you to understand the importance of timing, structure, periodisation and training SMART to achieve your goals and aims.

JM Coaching goes the extra mile to offer coaching services that fit in around your current daily schedule, rather than having to fit your life around your training programme.

Improvement comes through dedication, passion and when engagement is long-term and integrated.

Following a detailed assessment of your training history, lifestyle and working backwards from your goals and aims to help you achieve your targets.

Unlike other online training providers, JM Coaching is directly supporting an elite athlete on his journey to the top of the sport and by purchasing a plan or subscribing to one to one coaching with Jonny then you too can share the journey with him.

Coaching is teaching life through running.

Athlete Personal Bests

Distance Time
800m 1:51
 1500m  3:41
 1 mile  3:58
 3000m  7:46
 5000m  13:31
 10000m  28:40
 Half Marathon  62:23
 Marathon  2:12