Do you use a running route planner?

A running route planner is a great tool for planning routes in advance or measuring a run once you’ve finished.

I personally use On the Go Map, which is a FREE, really easy and simple running route planner. I’m sure there’s lot’s of other really good measuring sites out there but I like this one, which works well via a smart phone or desktop site.

If I’m away training or visiting somewhere new I always like to have a scout around for a new route, or use the elevation tool to make sure it’s not too hilly! Using Strava Heat Maps is also a good way of looking for new routes and exploring existing segments.

Running route planner

Here are some other useful tools to help plan your next route using a running route planner;

Google Maps

Using Google’s direction feature you can track two different points and then adjust the route depending on if you want to make it direct or stretch your run out. Using Google Maps can help give you a bit of extra inspiration if you fancy a new route to and from work as an example!


As mentioned previously Strava is one of the leaders in terms of running route planners. Although a paid service you can take advantage of their endless features, which allows you to set various preferences such as distance, trails or roads as well as adjusting elevations. You can either create your own route from scratch or view Strava’s suggestions.

Write your suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to head over to our Training Plan Page to get set for your next running event!