Due to popular demand, our sub 40-minute 8-week 10k training plan is now available in KM format as well as in miles priced at just $18.99 plus all the usual benefits, such as access to JM Run Club.

Changing the 10k training plan to KM is part of a longer term development of our training plans available in the TrainingPeaks store. Please note, this process takes time to ensure each plan has the same level of detail as the mile equivalents. As part of that process the training plans are all re-designed from scratch to ensure quality rather than a copy and paste approach.

For those that have already purchased a 10k training plan and would like it in miles then please contact us and we will arrange for the KM version to be applied directly to your plan, free of charge.

10k Training Plan

As we work through the 10k plans, we’ll continue to re design and develop the plans over all distances to offer a KM version. There are already some half marathon plans available in Spanish here, which are of course KM friendly.

If you’d like to see a specific distance or time over 10k then please get in touch today and we’ll make that one a priority for you!

Whilst ‘generic’ training plans might not be for everyone, we do believe in their value of being able to access extremely detailed training at a cost effective price. We also offer guides on how to change training around to ensure you don’t compromise on quality and where possible we’ll always endeavour to make changes free of charge.

Thanks for reading and if you do have any comments or feedback or would like a plan added to the store, please contact us today!