When it comes to investing in your running journey, finding the right coach can make all the difference. Online running coaching has become a game-changer for busy lifestyles, providing personalised plans, expert advice, and a supportive community. But the question on many runners’ minds is: What is the cost of online running coaching? We’ll break down the factors that influence online running coach cost and help you understand the value behind the investment in relation to our services.

We’ve worked very hard to ensure our prices are very competitive in the industry both in the UK and worldwide. We feel we offer an incredible level of detail for the price point, but also now introducing new price points for those wanting even more communication with their online running coach.

Factors Influencing Online Running Coach Cost:

  1. Level of Expertise: Coaches with extensive experience and achievements often come at a premium due to the value they bring. Their knowledge can significantly impact your training journey and overall performance. It’s worth noting that just because a coach is a ‘top’ athlete themselves, doesn’t automatically make them a good coach, that’s why we’ve invested time and effort to really develop our communication skills and coaching knowledge to really be able to share our expertise.
  2. Customisation: Personalised training plans tailored to your goals, fitness level, and schedule are a hallmark of online coaching. The level of customisation can affect the cost, as more individualised plans require more time and expertise. For example our structured workouts (synced direct to your Garmin or GPS device) are custom build for each run so naturally have more detail. That said, at all levels for every run we detail the suggested pace we’d recommend you hitting based on fitness levels and goals moving forwards.
  3. Communication Frequency: Some coaching packages include regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and communication channels for questions. The more frequent and direct the communication, the higher the cost may be. Be wary of coaches who over promise a service they can’t deliver. For £45 per month, we don’t offer calls, which we feel is fair especially considering the detail in your training plan. That’s why we’ve offered two new services with calls at different points of your build up to cater for everyone’s needs. We don’t over promise calls on a weekly basis, but our top level package does ensure a monthly call to check in with progress, answer any questions and receive feedback on your progression.
  4. Duration of Coaching: Coaching programmes can vary in length, from a few months to an entire year. Longer programmes might have tiered pricing based on the duration of engagement. Our packages come with a zero duration contract, but we do ask you give us time to let our training methods come across. We’re not after quick fixes and super gains over night. Be wary of any coach who suggests this! Long distance running is all about patience and consistency so our plans are designed with this in mind. If you want to ‘get fit quick’ that’s fine, but we can’t promise you won’t pick up an injury or risk over training.
  5. Additional Services: Some online coaching packages offer extra perks like nutrition guidance, race strategy sessions, or strength training plans. These additional services can impact the overall cost. We include these all part of JM Run Club, which you’ll receive access to when you sign up.

The Value of the Investment:

Online running coaching is an investment in yourself and success as a runner. We’d recommend considering the following benefits that contribute to the value of the investment:

  • Expert Guidance: Access to the expertise of elite runners and coaches who understand the intricacies of training for success.
  • Personalised Plans: Tailored training plans that address your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Not just a generic approach. We’re all different.
  • Accountability: Regular check-ins and feedback sessions that keep you on track and motivated.
  • Preventative Care: Guidance to prevent injuries, avoid plateaus, and train smartly for the long term.
  • Race Strategy: Expert insights into pacing, race-day nutrition, and strategy that can significantly impact your performance.


The cost of online running coaching varies depending on factors such as coach expertise, customisation, communication frequency, duration, and additional services. While it’s essential to consider the financial aspect, also remember the value you’re receiving in return.We feel you’ll struggle to find better value for the detail we offer, just checkout our Google Reviews for proof. Online running coaching offers an opportunity to elevate your running experience, achieve your goals, and receive guidance from experts who are passionate about your success.

At JM Coaching, we believe that every runner’s journey is unique, and our online coaching packages are designed to cater to individual needs. We’re committed to providing exceptional value through expert coaching, personalised plans, and a supportive WhatsApp community.

Don’t let the cost deter you from experiencing the transformative benefits of online running coaching. Your investment can lead to greater achievements, improved performance, and a lifelong love for the sport. For just £45 per month, see how we can help you today!

Online Running Coach Cost